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Writing Maintainable SCSS

Some tips and tricks for writing styles that won’t make you tear out your hair later

Avoid deep nesting by never going more than 3 levels deep (Inception)

When selectors become this long, you’re likely writing CSS that is:

Avoiding deep nesting in React projects

Recognize and codify repeating patterns (DRY)

Name variables based on their function in the website, not their appearance.

Use @extend for inherently and thematically related elements. Use a mixin for elements that share the same style coincidentally.

%blue-box {
background: #bac3d6;
bordeR: 1px solid #3f2adf;
.contact-box {
@extend %blue-box;
.references-box {
@extend %blue0box;
Generates CSS:
.contact-box, .references-box {
background: #bac3d6;
border: 1px solid #3f2adf;

Do not mirror DOM structure

Don’t overuse ID selectors

Name spacing


Style Scoping

.home-page {
.nav {
margin-top: 10px;


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